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Management consulting

Assisting businesses to sail through array of opportunities and challenges

IT advisory

Reinventing companies for the digital future and build competitive edge

Overcome challenges & accelerate growth

Lead the way

We have a history of helping our clients reinvent themselves. Our work is powered by knowledge and founded on rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector dynamics, and macroeconomic environment. To steer in a world that’s changing faster than ever, you need our high performing multidisciplinary teams across our integrated business and technology service lines to capitalise on new opportunities, assess and manage risk to deliver responsible growth.

We serve clients at every level of their organisation, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach for front line employees. We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice and work directly with them over the long-term, to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods.

No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead.


Today’s complex business environment threatens existing business models. With right vision and strategy, organisations can tap into  opportunities for growth.

Performance improvement

Organisations need to align all their resources to maximise performance and achieve strategic goals

Customer experience management

Identify the growing expectations, and deliver best in class experience through customer centric thinking

Digital platform

Business models and strategies are evolving around new age platforms, leading to most profound macro economic changes since the industrial revolution.

Information technology

Global technology landscape is continuously evolving wherein business models are redefining and converging industries; causing revaluation of enterprise value.

Digital marketing

Never before have organisations been able to do hyper targeted marketing. Customer’s voice on digital media has cascading effect on brand and this is just the beginning of the digital era.

Startup consulting

Unlock Your Potential

Growing a business can be demanding and exhilarating. The challenges are enormous, from identifying your proposition, to choosing your team, building technical infrastructure, and ensuring you have a resilient operating model.


Business plan, financial feasibility, fund raising

Product and go to market strategy

Licences, accounting and taxation

Recruitment and training

IT and digital infrastructure

About us

Whatever the scale, from our largest to our most focused engagement, we take nothing for granted. We consider each problem objectively based on rigorous and thorough research. We deliver not just the conventional wisdom but also deeper and sharper insights that are actionable and give our clients an information advantage.

With nearly a century of experience, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task. Achieving your objectives to gain advantage requires experience and foresight. Make the best decisions to move your business forward with confidence.

What we do


We will challenge what you think you know, push you to outperform what you thought was possible and help you create advantage from every opportunity.

Industry experience


Companies must meet the challenges of consumer trends, economic conditions, technology and competition


As consumer demand evolve, retail companies must find the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow.


Institutions will need to focus on continuous upgrade of education packages as well as delivery mechanism to stay tuned for future.


Public organisations around the world are facing many complex issues and are challenged to deliver public services in the most efficient way.


Amid uncertainty and change, healthcare stakeholders are looking for new ways to transform the journey of care.


Risks and uncertainties coupled with competitive landscape have brought insurance companies to a crossroad with need of innovation and cost containment for sustainable growth

Media & entertainment

Proliferation of mobile devices, wireless connectivity and new media platforms is creating new opportunities in the content streaming and broadcasting space 


Social organisation need to make most of their resources to achieve greater impact for the communities they serve.


Startups are innovating out of need and are accelerating financial inclusion specially in the developing nations.

Real Estate

Globalisation of capital, increased competition for assets, emerging technologies and changing customer demographics require the real estate sector to rethink traditional paths to successful investment. 

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