Digital Marketing: Come closer to your customers so that you can listen to them first hand

Digital marketing gives you laser-focused control over where & how you spend your money, and calculate your ROI to assess marketing effectiveness.

Digital marketing strategy

With the growth of smartphone and internet penetration, digital is a very convenient way to reach out to consumers.

Digital marketing management

Outsource marketing operations to let experts run your campaigns, write your content, promote it online to bring new customers & engage existing ones. 

Digital marketing training

Equip your employees with right skills to manage digital marketing in-house.


The online media landscape as well as the media consumption of people is changing quickly. We spend more and more time on internet. More often than not customer uses social media so share his good/ bad experience of a product/ service and its get shared with his and extended network in fraction of a second.

As is marketing assessment

A marketing assessment is an opportunity to evaluate media effectiveness in the market w.r.t brand recall and driving sales.

  • Meet the management to understand objective of the study as well as key expectations/ concerns.
  • Carry out secondary research/ interview with selected internal/ external personnel to understand current brand positioning, media mix, customer brand perception, customer satisfaction scores, budget spread and campaign effectiveness.
  • Primary, secondary research, Val Partners internal knowledge and sources, meeting with key management stakeholders

as is marketing assessment report


1 month

Digital marketing plan

Fine-tune your marketing plan as per the target segment.



  • Understand competition media mix and spend and effectiveness.
  • Build insights from successful digital media campaigns across geographies and prepare case studies
  • Build customer digital plan for the company and related elements of budget and expected benefits.
  • Share media strategy with management for their buy in and alignment.
  • Finalise media initiative charter w.r.t activities, owner, timelines and tracking and benefit dashboard.
  • Digital media roll out and management (optional)
  • Digital media campaign and performance management (optional)
  • Secondary research
  • Val partners internal tools and resources
  • Interview with key internal stakeholders
  • Digital media plan
  • Initiative charter

1 month


With specialists in SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing and more, we can create targeted campaigns on every marketing channel that work together to help your business flourish.

Digital marketing

Digital marketers have extensive experience in assessing a new business and using fresh perspective to interpret business needs and deliver results.

  • Understand company’s business, products, target segments, current marketing activities – digital focus and budget.
  • As is digital focus for the company, analytics and effectiveness.
  • Create to be digital focus and campaigns for rolling months forecast.
  • Ongoing campaign management, effectiveness and budget management on various digital assets.
  • Val Partners internal resources and tools
  • Interview with key internal marketing management

360 degree digital marketing management for the company




Digital marketing specialisation including topics such as digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to gain richer understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of concepts, and tools to help you digitally create, distribute, promote products and services..


Our digital marketing training courses help brands transform their business and individuals learn the latest best practices.

  • Meet the key management stakeholders to understand company’s business, current marketing tools, and need for digital marketing.
  • Assess employee current digital marketing skills: basic, moderate, experts.
  • Develop custom content for digital marketing for given trainees.
  • Training course – 3 weeks
  • Digital training certification test and results for given employees.
  • Val Partners internal tools & resources

Digital marketing certification


1 month

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